Thursday, January 21, 2021
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Buying Limited Edition Art Prints: The Need to Know, Explained by NZ Fine Prints

Whether you’re a new collector purchasing your very first art prints or an avid collector buying your hundredth, the edition of your print can be a useful thing to know!  

In a recent article by NZ Fine Prints, the company sheds light on the benefits of understanding limited edition prints, such as the edition value, print number, and artist proofs  

While many of us may not have thought twice about the meaning behind a print editionknowing the edition of your print can not only add to your appreciation of the art piece, it can also give you a clearer understanding of its value, the artist, and the art market in general.  

When it comes to defining the value of a print, what meaning can be gleaned from the number of the edition? 

According to the experts at NZ Fine Prints, the edition of the print indicates when the set was produced and therefore what value it holds. While second and third edition prints are often created for popular works, first editions remain to be the most valuable and most sought after by collectors.  

Another thing to note is that each artwork within an edition set comes with a print number. For example, NZ Fine Prints explains that if one edition contains twenty copies then the copies within that edition will be labelled as 1/20, 2/20, 3/20, and so on. However, contrary to popular belief, this print number does not denote hierarchical order of value 

So, while the first edition of a print is considered to be more valuable than a second edition print, each print within the same edition is of equal value.  

When it comes to artist proofs, however (often referred to as AP or A/P), they do indicate value and often appear on first edition prints. These marks can be collectibles in and of themselves and can increase the value of art prints.  

If you’re interested in learning more about limited-edition prints or adding one to your collection, explore NZ Fine Prints online today. They offer a range of contemporary limited-edition prints, antiques, rare pieces, and more. Shop New Zealand’s largest collection of prints online at  


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