NZ Fine Prints Reveals Insights on the Benefits of Framing Art Prints

Framed prints from NZ Fine Prints, propped up against a white wall.
NZ Fine Prints Reveals Insights on the Benefits of Framing Art Prints

NZ Fine Prints, renowned for delivering high-quality prints to kiwi homes reveal insights in a recent article on the benefits of framing your art prints when you purchase them. 

According to experts in the industry, when it comes to getting the best value for your art investment, framed designs, including framed canvas prints, are the way to go.  

While buying unframed art prints might seem like a way to save on unnecessary expenses, NZ Fine Print reveals that framing will protect the longevity of your investment and add to it in the long run.  

Unframed artworks are more vulnerable to the elements and therefore more likely to suffer from damage and decay over time. In comparison, a print that is guarded by a glass cover and frame has more protection against dust, moisture, and general wear and tear.  

On top of this, the glass screen provides an extra barrier between the artwork and the sun, which makes the art far more resilient against UV damage. From this perspective, art investors need not worry about their masterpieces fading and diminishing in value over time 

Another benefit revealed by NZ Fine Prints is that framing artworks will not only help to preserve the quality of your art printbut it can also add to it. Many frames are masterpieces in their own right and can be used to add another element of beauty, elegance, and overall quality to your artwork. 

This idea is not a new invention either, as Italian Renaissance paintings were often famous not only for the artist’s work but for the stunningly extravagant frames that surrounded them. 

From another vantage point, for art lovers who hold a passion for interior design, frames can also be used effectively to unify an interior design scheme. Simply by matching the frame to a feature in the home, it can be used to complement an interior style while also setting the art piece apart from its surroundings.    

As passionate investors and providers of art, NZ Fine Prints has been delivering high-quality art to New Zealand homes for over five decades. If you’re interested in adding to your collection or purchasing your first art print framed and in top condition, explore NZ Fine Prints today.  

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