Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Aspect Furniture’s Commitment to Supporting Local Communities

Aspect Furniture, founded by Richard Simmons, is committed to local manufacturing, innovation, and using New Zealand materials and labour. The company has established itself as...

MagicSeal For Magnetic Insect Screens This Summer

As Kiwi bach-owners make their way back from their holidays, they will be reflecting on the wonderful warm weather they experienced. However, at the...

MotorCo Note Last Year was a Record for New Vehicle Registrations

Rising demand for hybrid and electric vehicles helped drive a record number of new vehicle registrations last year, and MotorCo also reported a big...

All Round Safety Showcase Recent Sentencing Following Exposure to Organic Solvents

“Aimex Limited was sentenced recently in the Nelson District Court for failing to ensure a worker was not exposed to hazards arising from the...