Aspect Furniture’s Commitment to Supporting Local Communities


Aspect Furniture, founded by Richard Simmons, is committed to local manufacturing, innovation, and using New Zealand materials and labour. The company has established itself as a leader in the furniture industry and has earned a reputation for high-quality, functional, stylish, and eco-friendly products. A core goal for Aspect Furniture is to provide Kiwis with workspaces that promote collaboration and engagement.

The company’s commitment to local manufacturing is evident in its production process, using materials sourced from New Zealand and employing local labour. This commitment ensures that Aspect Furniture contributes to the local economy, promotes sustainable practices, and reduces the carbon footprint associated with long-distance transportation.

In addition, the company’s innovative approach to furniture design has earned it a reputation as an industry leader. Aspect Furniture’s products are known for their unique and functional designs that reflect the commitment to quality and sustainability. The company’s design philosophy centres around stylish and practical products using eco-friendly materials to furnish commercial spaces.

As a New Zealand-based company, Aspect Furniture understands the importance of using materials sourced from within the country. The company sources materials such as wool, timber, and steel from sustainable and ethical sources within New Zealand. This approach promotes sustainable practices, supports local industries, and helps boost the local economy.

The company’s use of local labour reflects its commitment to the local community. By providing employment opportunities within New Zealand, Aspect Furniture supports the local community’s growth and development.

Aspect Furniture’s commitment to local manufacturing, innovation, and using New Zealand materials and labour sets it apart from other furniture companies. Focusing on sustainability and eco-friendly practices ensures that Aspect Furniture remains at the forefront of the furniture industry. Through Richard Simmons’ original company values, Aspect Furniture promotes sustainable practices and contributes to a better future.

Learn more about the company’s values or explore Aspect Furniture’s full range of locally made high-quality furniture today:


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