NZ Fine Prints Offering a Solution for Gift Delivery in 2021

Wassily Kandinsky yellow red blue fine art print

Gift-giving can be difficult at the best of times, but in 2021, shipping delays are more common than ever. With that in mind, vouchers and gift cards have become very popular this year, as they make buying for friends and family overseas easy and they don’t take any time at all to ship. 

NZ Fine Prints offers fine art prints NZ-wide, and the art print supplier has found that there are other benefits to their gift certificate deals beyond quick delivery times.  

For instance, art can be quite personal and idiosyncratic. It makes a great gift for anyone with a home they want to decorate, but unless you know someone intimately, you may not know what their tastes in art are. NZ Fine Prints has found that there can often be an unnoticed gap between what someone wants and what a buyer thinks they ought to like. 

Typically, art is a good gift for a connoisseur, but if you are not very into art yourself, you may not know what to get. Knowing that your friend or loved one appreciates art more than you is greatA voucher can show that you care about them and their interests, while avoiding getting them something they don’t want, or already have! 

Gift vouchers allow the recipient to choose the art they like best, eliminating this issue. With a gift certificate, you can be sure that your family, friend, or colleague is getting exactly what they want, without having to pay.  

Beyond that, art can be difficult to transport. While many prints can be shipped in tubes, some art pieces are fragile or large, especially framed pieces. Vouchers aren’t just easy to ship—they don’t need any shipping at all, meaning they are fast, easy, and are free to deliver. This gives recipients the option of shipping an art print at a later date, when there is less demand on local or international postal services. 

To learn more about NZ Fine Prints or the gift vouchers they have on offer, simply click the following link to visit their website:  


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