NZ Fine Prints brings the best of Japanese printmaking to New Zealand homes

NZ Fine Prints brings the best of Japanese printmaking to New Zealand homes

New Zealand Fine Prints range of highquality art prints now includes a stunning new collection to adorn New Zealand homes 

This new shipment of beautiful, high-quality posters of Japanese prints expands NZ Fine Prints present collection to now include famous works by artists like Hiroshige and Hokusai, incredibly popular woodblock print artists whose designs helped shape early western impressions of Japan.   

The art store’s collection features a range of traditional Japanese prints, known as ukiyo-e, a genre of Japanese art that flourished into existence in the 17th century and continued through to the 19th century 

Art enthusiasts and casual buyers interested in obtaining a beautiful poster from this collection, will not be purchasing a print of a painting, as many suppose, but a print of a print! Specifically, a print of a Japanese woodblock print.  

While most ukiyo artists specialised in printmaking, the process of printing was usually divided between several people – the designer of the prints, the carver, the printer, and the publisher. The advantages of printing by hand meant artists were able to achieve effects impractical with machines at the time, such as colour gradation and blending. 

Ukiyo-e came into being during the Edo period, with the growing economy and the rise of the merchant class in Japan. It represented the hedonistic lifestyle of the floating world (ukiyo) which grew during this time. Ukiyo-e focuses on the entertainment of Edo, particularly on popular female beauties (geisha and courtesans in the pleasure district), kabuki actors, and sumo wrestlers. The prints also depicted travel scenes and landscapes and scenes from folk tales and history.  

While the 1670’s brought about the earliest emergence of ukiyo-e in monochrome, colour prints gradually started to appear, tooBy the 19th century, the popularity of ukiyo-e was influencing artists of the western world, too, including Manet, Monet, and Van Gogh.  

From the wide range of ukiyo-e that grew during this time, popular prints by two of the most influential ukiyo artists, Hokusai and Hiroshige, are now available to purchase New Zealand wide, from NZ Fine Prints Japanese print collection.    

Kiwi’s around the country can now take pleasure in hanging posters of these incredible works in their homes and offices with ease.   

If you’re interested in buying prints of historical Japanese artworks, explore NZ Fine Prints excellent collection online at 



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