Spa Ayurda For Ayurvedic Wellness Rituals in Autumn


We are all affected by the change of seasons, and autumn is no exception, and seasonal changes can have a huge impact on our bodies, and on our health and wellbeing. The changing seasons bring cool and dry weather conditions, which also happen to be distinct characteristics of the Vata Dosha according to Ayurveda. This means that Autumn is often considered to be a Vata-dominant season. 

So how do we respond to autumn’s erratic weather systems? According to Ayurveda, 

we can establish appropriate rituals to help the body remain in harmony with our natural environment, and Spa Ayurda offer a few simple daily rituals you can incorporate into your routine to help your body get ready to embrace the new season. 


Ayurveda suggest we concentrate on warming food and drinks to provide our body with warmth and nourishment. To maintain your body’s balance, and to prevent the occurrence of seasonal allergies, they recommend warm, oily, salty and spicy food, such as stewed autumn fruits with cinnamon and porridge for breakfast, and warm drinks such as ginger and turmeric tea. Vegetable soups and broths make a nourishing lunch, using local, seasonal produce.   


Lastly, slow down! Vata season, with the dominance of air element, is characterised by movement and restlessness, hence, this is a good time to slow down the pace of your activities and life in general. Forget your usual fast-paced workout routine, and change to something that regulates your breathing, like swimming, yoga or even brisk walking.  


No matter what type of physical activity you choose to engage in, practicing breathing techniques like Pranayama might be beneficial in countering excess Vata. A slow-paced, gentle workout routine will also keep you healthy as the weather gets cooler over the next few months, and for more information on facial treatments, spa packages and health spas Auckland please go to . 


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