DB Interiors See More Focus Today on Clever Office Design


2021 has seen an increased focus on office design and the ways in which your working environment can affect your business’ performance. Good office design can essentially support, as well as enhance your company in many ways, and is a key element towards the success of your business.

Not everyone wants to continue working from home, and for those back in the workforce a significant number of hours are spent within the workplace. Therefore, it is fundamental that the surroundings are not only fit for purpose, and support your employees’ needs, but that it is also a comfortable, visually appealing and welcoming environment.

Developing and designing your workspace can be quite a daunting process which requires a lot of thought and consideration, in order to ensure you are getting the very best for your business. It is therefore highly recommended that you seek support and guidance from a design and build company like DB Interiors who have in-house, qualified designers to assist you throughout the entire process.

Creating a quality office environment which is functional, efficient, aesthetically pleasing and reflects the desired company image, is of predominant concern to companies considering expansion, relocation or refurbishment. With their broad experience and dedicated approach, DB Interiors has the expertise to service your requirements and manage the project from conception to completion. Their supportive team of interior designers, sales consultants, project managers, licensed trades people and craftsmen enables them to carry out each project with attention to detail.

The criteria for design are maximisation of space utilisation at minimal capital and operating cost, optimum functional efficiency, with the working environment comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. DB Interiors’ designers and sales consultants will work together with you to formulate a needs analysis, addressing key areas such as staff interaction, responsibility, vision, company policy and future growth, until the optimum layout is created. They will coordinate a colour scheme with visual concepts and selection from their wide range of textiles and finishes, so for more information on modern office design, workplace design and interior design companies please go to http://dbinteriors.co.nz .


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