Gubb Design on House Alterations and Creating Liveable Modern Villas in New Zealand

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As leading architectural designers in Auckland, Gubb Design has unique insights into current property trends and the housing market. A useful insight the company has noted is that despite apartments and complex buildings becoming more common around the country, many Kiwi’s are still looking for stand-alone houses. One style of stand-alone housing that many desire is the quintessential villa.

Villa housing was first seen in New Zealand in the 1870’s, during the country’s first colonial housing boom. The Victorian Villa is a popular style that can be seen throughout central Auckland suburbs such as Grey Lynn and Herne Bay. These homes are sought after due to their character and intricate detailing, including bay windows, street-facing verandas, high ceilings, and ornate features.

When buyers purchase these homes today, they often do so with the intent of renovating. Many villas are still liveable, which is a great feat considering their age, however architectural alterations can help to realise the full potential of these homes for the next generation. Most modern houses focus on open plan living, which is becoming a common feature of renovated villas as internal walls are removed to open up the rooms.

Indoor-outdoor flow is another reason for alterations that can make the villa more attractive. Some even add a new addition to make the space larger, which creates an interesting look as modern styles are incorporated with the classic villa features.

Renovating a villa is an exciting project, however it can be a large undertaking due to the age of the buildings. There can be unexpected challenges that arise, which need to be handled with care. To protect the character of the villa and get the most out of the space, working with an experienced design team is recommended.

Gubb Design can provide expertise from the design stage through to completion, and has experience working with homes across the wider Auckland region. With over 100 years of shared experience in design and documentation, they work with homeowners looking to renovate by understanding their unique needs and aspirations for the property. They can then provide architectural plans that realise this vision.

Head online to to view Gubb Design’s previous work and learn more about their home alteration and addition services.


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