Fit Have Added Cabinet/Drawer Handles to Their Range


Fit are always looking for ways to serve their trade customers and homeowners better, and over time they’ve had many suggestions that they add cabinet/drawer handles to their range. So, this month they are delighted to announce that they are doing just that. 

From November, their brand new cabinet and drawer handle range will be available on their website, launching with 20 styles – a mix of modern and traditional – with a nice variety of finishes from aged looks through classic polished finishes and on to contemporary brass, bronzed and coppery hues. 

They are sourced from a premier Italian maker of hardware – Citterio Giulio, and a booklet covering the range will be available to download when they launch, or as a hard copy shortly thereafter.  

Citterio Giulio’s origins lie in farming country in Brianza, Italy, in the recovery years after WWII, when hundreds of small workshops sprang up, then quickly became industrial units.  Since 1945, the entire process has taken place in Italy, in the Renate plant, still in the heart of Brianza. 

Founder Citterio Giulio has been designing and manufacturing furniture handles and knobs for more than 75 years. Initially, he worked with the only materials available post-war; wood and horn. Later, he moved onto bakelite and galalith, creating effects like ivory, amber and tortoiseshell. 

In the 1960s, as the company became Citterio Giulio e Figli s.a.s. , they introduced furniture components like mirror frames, coat hooks and small tables in solid brass. Later in the decade, market indications prompted a focus and specialisation in handles of zamak alloys, and the current company was born – Citterio Giulio S.p.A. Citterio Giulio now offer products in zamak, solid brass, plastic, nylon, polycarbonate, iron, aluminium and stainless steel. 

The organisation combines a solid production facility with 60 employees and cooperative partnerships with external workshop-based craftsmen; thus Citterio Giulio is able to produce small quantities as required by customers on short delivery schedules. 

Thanks to this long experience, Citterio Giulio are now considered a leading hardware supplier in the kitchen and bathroom market. They export from Italy to 22 countries around the world, and style and elegance remain their passion. Their mission statement is “Quality, precision, punctuality”. 

With this in mind, please take a moment to find out more about drawer and door systems and laundry storage solutions by visiting the website at . 


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