COVID Updates From NZ Blinds


The following is taken from NZ Blinds’ latest Newsletter to all clients: 

We value our customers 

Covid and government restrictions are playing havoc with manufacturing and supply to our customers. 


Rollers, verticals and aluminium venetians that are manufactured in New Zealand  outside Auckland are now back to the 10-15 working days for manufacture. Freight into Auckland is taking slightly longer than normal. 

Faux wood venetians that are manufactured in New Zealand are affected by freight delays causing component shortages from the international supplier in Israel. These are typically taking 30 working days to manufacture. 

Marupa wooden venetians are, due to the factory’s location and government restrictions, taking about 30 working days to manufacture. 

Parts and accessories are typically shipped the same day as ordered. However NZ Post is taking longer than ideal to deliver. 

Imported shutters, honeycomb, phoenixwood and some faux wood are being manufactured quickly but freight is still in turmoil because of the effects of Covid so there may be a variety of events that may cause change.  Typically approximately 45 working days. 

In summary: Everyone is suffering from the effects of the current situation. Be it the international supplier, the shipping companies, the local factories, local freight companies or the end user. 

We can assure you that NZ Blinds, while being mindful of the pressures that the whole industry is under, continues to strive to supply the absolute best blinds available in New Zealand at very competitive prices as quickly as we can.  

We do appreciate your business and patience. 

Please take a moment to find out more about roller blinds NZ and thermal roller blinds by visiting the website at . 


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