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Like HIIT, functional fitness has maintained popularity in 2021. The focus on bodyweight movements and exercises that actually help you in daily life has proven to be a massive hit with Kiwi fitness fans. With less access to gyms and traditional strength training, full-body workouts will take centre stage. 

Keeping fit and healthy, both physically and mentally, has never been more of a paramount concern than as the Coronavirus pandemic rages on. In spring 2020, the majority of us were relegated to our homes to work (and play) after the government enforced its first set of lockdown restrictions. The guidelines stated that people should stay at home where possible and only leave for activities such as shop for basic necessities, going to work if you can’t do so from home, meeting a support or childcare bubble and exercise once a day as gyms and leisure centres closed their doors. 

Others dusted off their bikes and dug out their running trainers to head outside for fresh air. Amid the chaos of the health crisis, the love of fitness and wellbeing prevailed, and while at-home workouts might have seen a growth in popularity, so has walking and hiking in the great outdoors. 

For many of us, weekends without social plans resulted in daily (if not twice daily) walks around our local areas, whether it involved a socially distanced catch-up with a friend in the park or a lengthier, backpack-accessorised ramble through the countryside. It’s unsurprising seeing as walking outside is one of the best ways to enjoy low-impact fitness in nature and escape the mundane 9-5 home office, while also giving your mental health a boost. 

And then there’s cycling. Cycling is so multifaceted, it allows people to exercise, gives you a sense of freedom and allows you to travel further than by foot, escaping your neighbourhood, so, during the pandemic it’s the perfect activity. On top of the benefits of cycling, quieter roads have given people more confidence to ride and more time to do it, which has brought a wide spectrum of people to the sport. 

Finally, online classes have been a lifeline for our mental and physical health this year. The standard and production value of online classes has massively improved too so working out at home is a much more enjoyable experience, so for more information on personal trainers Auckland and free gym trials please go to . 


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