With Gubb Design You Are Part of the Journey

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Gubb Design are a small, boutique architectural design practice in West Auckland, providing architectural services and delivering unique projects throughout the greater Auckland region. They work with their clients, guiding them with every step, to ensure that they are part of the journey, and their mission is to develop lasting relationships with their clients, and provide a rewarding experience for all involved.

Gubb Design know that consistent  communication is what home buyers want, and while communication is important in any industry, the critical role it plays in construction cannot be understated. Poor communication on a building project can equate to losses of thousands – or millions – of dollars.

It’s a big problem in construction because there are so many parties involved, even on modest projects. Site supervisors, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, electricians… Things get even more complicated when architects and consultants join the party. With this in mind, it’s good practice to give your client a single point of contact. This person should hold some authority, be willing to feed information to the team and make executive decisions. Establish ways for the client to reach them. Gubb Design are now a team of 13 and each client will have a dedicated designer and technician who is fully aware of the project to ensure that all the bases are covered.

Gubb Design make client service their first priority, and pride themselves on great communication. Their guiding principle is to always understand their clients’ needs, and document this in a detailed brief. Each client is unique and deserving of an original design, and fully understanding what the client wants to achieve is the fundamental aspect of a successful project, while helping clients remain engaged throughout the entire design process.

Their team can guide you every step of the way, from land selection, feasibility, concept and developed design, through to resource consents and building consents, and their home design services are designed to help you from end-to-end, ensuring consistent quality throughout the entire process. They say it’s important to to be able to provide a service that puts the client first, and find that bringing clients into the process more directly is a great way to do this.

Finally, Gubb Design say, “Our mission is to develop lasting relationships with our clients, and provide a rewarding experience for all involved”, and for more information on new house design and house design planning please go to https://www.gubbdesign.co.nz .


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