Gubb Design Expands Team for Faster & More Efficient Project Turn-Around

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Gubb Design, an architectural design firm based in West Auckland, has recently announced the expansion of its team. The service-oriented architectural practice has hired four new talented and skilled architectural designers to join their firm. Their goal is to hire another five, bringing Gubb Design’s team up to a total of eighteen professional designers by the end of the year.

Gubb Design works on a variety of projects, including new home design, development and renovation, terraced housing, bulk and location studies, and more. Their team works with clients who need assistance, covering everything from the initial planning and resource consents, down to recladding an existing building. The goal of the company is to deliver big firm results through a transparent, small-firm approach.

With a unique approach, Gubb Design is able to deliver highly personalised projects for respective clients. And to better cater to more clients with unique deliverables, Gubb Design has decided to pull new architectural designers that share the same values and ethics when it comes to design.

The new hires will bring new perspectives that will add a competitive edge to the Gubb Design brand. These designers will also help Gubb Design to seal more projects without compromising on quality and deadlines.

Gubb Design’s current team expansion only proves their success in securing high-quality projects in Auckland, NZ. The new additions to the team will significantly benefit Gubb Design clients, investors, and developers, taking the company to new heights.

With new members aboard the team, Gubb Design can confidently accommodate clients who rely on fixed fees and fixed dates for project completion. Gubb Design is a firm that can ensure clients with prompt and highly efficient project turnarounds.

To learn more, visit the Gubb Design website at


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