City Sales Report 2021 Has Started Positively

City Sales Positive Report 2021

City Sales’ Scott Dunn opines that 2021 has started positively, and he expects it to improve even further over the next few months. To this end, City Sales have made the decision to move their fortnightly auctions to now weekly auctions, to both better deal with the demand but also allow quicker campaigns, as they are aware that Auckland could go into lockdown again at any time. 

National house prices could rise by as much as 13 to 16 per cent in the next few months, and economists at Westpac, ASB, BNZ and Kiwibank say low interest rates and high demand will continue to have an impact in the coming months. The economists’ predictions vary, but they agree that 2021’s housing market will build on records set last year. 

These predictions come despite the Reserve Bank’s scheduled introduction of tougher lending rules for investors in March. ASB’s Jones says, The fundamental issue of excess demand remains. Indeed, unsold inventory hit an all-time low in November and sales/listing ratios still point to an extraordinarily tight market with ongoing upward pressure on prices. As a result, we remain comfortable with our view for nationwide house prices to maintain a double-digit pace through to around the end of next year” 

As the world faces a new normal in 2021, real estate agents have different opportunities and challenges, and while some things remain the same, others have changed to accommodate quarantining and social distancing. With many people still working remotely and social distancing, more buyers than ever are searching for homes online.  

As everyone wonders what 2021 will bring, learning how to handle the new normal will go towards remaining positive. Confident agents who know how to handle all situations will enable buyers and sellers to feel comfortable to take action, and for more information on real estate agents Auckland, Auckland property management and real estate agents Auckland please go to .


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