Why Use Canopy Cancer Care?

Adult Cancer Patient Holding Hands

Canopy Cancer Care is a leading private clinic for adult cancer patients, and their team specialise in the care of patients requiring cancer treatment with chemotherapy, immunotherapy, antibody therapy, hormone therapy and more targeted therapies. The Canopy vision is to offer New Zealanders the option of world class cancer care, delivered locally, and every day and with every patient, they work towards this goal. 

The Canopy team have been providing world class services in Auckland for over eight years, and during this time they have built a strong team who are all passionate about their patients and the outcomes that matter to them most.  Their aim is to provide the highest quality of care, and will co-ordinate all aspects of treatment where possible.   

Alongside the medical treatments they offer,Under the Canopyis an umbrella of services directly designed to aid a patient either on or after treatment, so you can ask your Specialist or Nurse about what this means for you. They have also developed a series of videos to support patients at all stages from “What is Cancer”, an Orientation series and many other relevant topics.  You can have a look atCanopy TVor check out theirFacebook page . 

Canopy North Shore has moved into a brand new state of the art clinic at 213 Shakespeare Rd in Takapuna, Auckland. Their new clinic has been built to cater for the growing need for oncology and haematology services in North Auckland, and the design and layout of the new clinic is based on international best practice, clinical guidelines and also patient feedback. 

Similarly, Canopy Whangarei has moved from Kamo Rd to a new clinic at 121 Bank St across the road from Lumino The Dentists.  They will be open on Thursdays and Friday for treatments and consultations and also on Tuesday evenings for consultations. 

So, there are many reasons to use Canopy Cancer Care, an important one being their high professional standards, which come from selecting only highly experienced and dedicated specialists, nurses, pharmacy and support staff. They also deliver personalised treatment plans by professionals committed to delivering quality care, patient experience and outcomes, so for more information on oncologists Auckland, medical oncology and private cancer treatment please go to http://www.canopycancercare.co.nz . 


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