Special Spa Promotions From Spa Ayurda

gold facial

Now that the holiday season is coming to an end, have you thought about your goals for 2021? Spa Ayurda are definitely kicking-off this new month with a resolution to help you focus on your physical and emotional wellbeing. 

Spa Ayurda truly believe in making you feel nourished and well taken care of, and their special spa promotions for February reflect just that. Whether you’re looking for gifts for the family and/close friends, or simply want to pamper yourself before the daily grind starts, their specially curated spa offers will have you covered. Please see link below: 

http://www.spaayurda.co.nz/treatments/promotions/ . 

Are you in need of the perfect, decadent treat for this season? How about a Premium 24 Ct gold facial? This ancient eastern beauty secret helps to restore the natural balance of your skin giving you a radiant youthful glow. You can restore your tired and dull skin with this ultimate toning and stimulating skin rejuvenating treatment.  

24 carat gold is rejuvenating and readily absorbed by the skin to help increase circulation, reduce fine lines and prevent ageing. It is massaged in to the skin to promote cell growth and return its lustre and glow, followed by a moisturising protein face pack that leaves your skin feeling fresh and stress free. Your journey to total relaxation concludes with a foot and head massage. 

Similarly, their Me Time Bahala treatment will treat that special person in your life to ninety minutes that will change their lifeThis is a fantastic stress reliever to take off last year’s tension and propel your loved one into 2021 with fresh healing.  

The powerful healing of this treatment begins with a stimulating leg and foot massage – a balm to tired, achy feet, and is then followed by a de-stressing back massage and concludes with a head, neck and shoulder massage to melt away tightness and tension. Finally, you’ll enjoy a customised facial using our premier skincare range Ayurda that will leave your complexion healthy and clear. 

Finally, how about a cheeky little gift for yourself? Pamper yourself for the night’s date with an experienced therapist, who will melt away the tension you hold in your muscles, leaving you loose, light, and ready for your date with that special someoneStart your experience with Spa Ayurda’s signature relaxing head neck and shoulder massage with herbed oil to help ease your stress away. Then, soak in the goodness of warm sesame oil with a full body oiliation. Your experienced therapist will then apply a freshly made organic rose and pomegranate scrub to exfoliate and then hydrate your skin leaving you feeling absolutely pampered and radiant. Your experience concludes with an invigorating cup of herbal tea. 

For more information on Ayurveda medicine, day spas Auckland and massage Auckland please go to www.spaayurda.co.nz . 


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