Proper Pizza Look At What Makes Pizza Good


Proper Pizza are not called Proper Pizza for nothing! Their name denotes the fact that theirs is the ‘real deal’, so today they look at what makes pizza good. The three core elements of a pizza are the crust, the cheese, and the toppings. Each of those have their own unique contribution to the beauty that is a perfect pizza, starting with the crust.

Back when the pizza we know and love today was invented in Naples, the crust was a simple flatbread baked in a woodfire oven. These days, you’ll find it being created in everything from a cast iron pan to your oven at home, but there is one universally acknowledged truth about pizza crust; it must be crispy. Proper cook all their pizzas on a thin and crispy base, incorporating sesame and semolina into the recipe for a light, crunchy, flavourful foundation.

Next up is the cheese. The standard choice for pizza is the classic mozzarella over a marinara sauce. Mozzarella’s mellow flavour and amazing texture make for a fantastic flavour medium, so no wonder it’s beloved around the world and at Proper Pizza too!

Finally, we come to the toppings. Originally, pizza was enjoyed with fresh tomato sauce, delicious mozzarella, and basil leaves scattered on top for a bit of bite. These days, this is your favourite margherita pizza, and according to Mario Batali, the Italian godfather of modern pizza, “pizza is simple, it’s easy to make, it shouldn’t be too complicated”.

Proper’s best sellers are simple, bold flavours, including their Black truffle pizza, with its truffle shavings, oil, pine nuts, and earth cheese, their Proper Pizza, with a small selection of meats dressed in fresh mushrooms and olives, and even their classic pepperoni embraces old-world sensibilities.

Proper Pizza deliver good pizza, great staff, and an awesome atmosphere, so you can enjoy their gourmet pizza delivery service across Auckland or pop in to their O’Connell Street pizza store for the best pizza on the block, and for more information on gourmet meat pizzas, vegan pizzas and dairy free pizzas please go to .


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