Gubb Design Revealing New Insights into Property Investment and Staying Ahead of the Game

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Gubb Design, West Auckland’s architectural experts of house design planning, have recently expanded on why property investors should invest in location studies early on to gain the best advantage in front of their competitors.

In a recent presentation at Villa Maria, Gubb Design revealed to a packed audience that no matter if property investors are looking to buy a new home or develop land, having the right information on hand before making an offer is essential for buyers to get ahead of the game.

According to their experience and the current state of the property market, Gubb Design stated that unless buyers put in an offer early in the process, they inevitably miss out.

Through accumulated experience and by listening to the needs of their clients, Gubb Design has come up with a solution to remedy this predicament.

To help their clients keep one step ahead of their competitors, and to assist them in making clear and confident investments, Gubb Design provides an initial bulk and location studies service.

In this service, they check the client’s site of interest for any potential hazards, underground services, zoning, and development potential. They also provide a report on the pros and cons of the site so that clients can walk into the property at the next open home, with valued information, fully informed, and ready to put in an offer.

Whether they are looking at an extension, a re-clad, or the development potential of the land for the future, this is a valued piece of information that goes as deep as even finding out demographics and the ages of people in the area!

This opportunity would be good as a pre-purchase report, as investors will be able to gain insights into the future potential of the land before investing. In this way, investors can fully reap the benefits of their purchase and make sure their hard-earned money is going into a valuable investment.

To claim this service, clients simply need to provide the subject address and pay an initial service fee of $290 + GST. If you’re interested in finding out more and taking advantage of this service for your next development project, contact the architectural experts at Gubb Design today!

View their Bulk and Location Studies at


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