Protecta Stress the Importance of Having Motorcycle Insurance


Protecta are New Zealand’s specialists in car, motor cycle and classic vehicle insurance, and focus on providing their customers with the best value products, benefits and customer service. Insurance is designed to give you peace of mind should something unforeseen happen to your vehicle, in this article your motorcycle. Accidents can and do happen, even to the most skilled riders, and Protecta have earned a strong reputation as New Zealand’s premium motorcycle insurance specialist.

Protecta have a range of insurance cover options to choose from, with specialist policies for both on and off-road motorcycles, and offer a comprehensive Full Cover motorcycle insurance policy, as well as Fire Theft and Transit, Third Party Fire and Theft, and Storage Cover options. This allows you to tailor the level of your insurance cover to suit both your motorcycle and your budget.

Protecta are aware that some riders find it quite confusing when faced with the options covered by motorcycle insurance, and they make it easy for you, guiding you through what each option covers and explaining the benefits, premiums, and excess side by side for you to make an easy, informed decision. The above is only a summary of what their insurance options cover and is only intended as a guide.

Protecta Insurance has been working since 1987 to protect Kiwi motorcyclists and their bikes on the road, and as a result of this hard work clients come to them from all over the country for their best value products, added benefits, and excellent customer service. They have a range of insurance cover options which can include added features like, riding apparel cover, roadside assistance, track day cover and many other benefits designed for Kiwi riders.

The Protecta team say, “When it comes to calculating your insurance premium, we look at both the rider and the bike, meaning if you are an experienced rider on a low-risk motorcycle, you won’t be subsidising other riders’ premiums”, so for more information on vehicle insurance and car cover NZ please go to .


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