DE Healthcare Stress The Continuing Importance of PPE in the Workplace

disposable earloop face masks

As Aucklanders slowly return to work after their fourth lockdown, it is important to remember that using PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) in the workplace is still important. In most workplaces outside of the health care setting, additional PPE for protection against COVID-19 is not required in Alert Level 2 unless it is advised in workplaces where there is a higher risk of exposure to COVID-19 through the nature of the work undertaken, such as border workers who interact regularly with people returning from overseas. 

You may wish to consider wearing a face covering when you cannot maintain physical distancing of more than two metres from people you do not know, and it is still important that you, your co-workers and clients all stay home if unwell. Adhering to basic hygiene measures including frequent hand hygiene, cough etiquette, and maintaining physical distancing where possible and practical, remain the best form of protection. 

PPE refers to equipment such as face masks, eye protection, gowns, footwear or gloves normally worn to reduce everyday risks in your workplace, not just health care, and DE Healthcare are dedicated to providing their Dental, Medical and Veterinary customers with the essential products they use on an everyday basis. 

This month DE Healthcare have launched their Amadex Blue Nitrile gloves, which are medical grade, and are available in S,M,L and XL and also have no fair share policy on them, a rarity in the current market where practically every supplier has instituted a fair share policy on nitrile gloves due to stock shortages worldwide. 

Similarly, in another  launch they are selling 7.6L Sharp Containers as well as their Bio Eco Friendly Sterilisation Pouches, the environmentally friendly option for your sterilisation process. 

DE Healthcare source quality products from a range of top global manufacturers and supply these to customers nationwide from their Auckland based distribution centre. By cutting out unnecessary overheads and simplifying the sales process DE Healthcare ensure the customer can access these quality products at very competitive prices, so for more information on buying dental supplies online, disposable earloop face masks and dental instruments NZ please go to .


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