DB Interiors Study How to Shape Better Workplaces in 2021


It’s here, it’s arrived and we are already working in this ‘future’ workplace. The key challenge here is the pace of the evolution, and how businesses and employees are keeping up. DB Interiors look at how we can better shape workplaces to accommodate these shifts, while also future-proofing and facilitating these new ways of working, creating intelligent workplace design outcomes and the future of the workplace. 

From a workplace perspective, customisation is now a baseline requirement. We are working in more sophisticated ways, and we want and expect a customised work environment that supports innovation, creativity, and efficiency, and businesses need to constantly think about what is next, and their workplaces need to be conducive to thriving in this evolution. 

From the moment someone walks into your office space, they think about whether it feels like a good company to work for. DB Interiors say you need to invest in your employees through creating a space that’s meaningful to them and allows them to do their best work. Creating a comfortable work environment and reducing employee frustration are key metrics in your workspace design. 

Flexible working spaces might be used differently on different days, depending on who is in the office and the outcome they want to achieve, and even lending out space that is not used all the time—not only can it spark creative partnerships and collaborations but it’s also commercially viable. 

As they say at DB Interiors, “You want staff to love going to work because it feels good. 

Although we’re living through a period of rapid change and unprecedented uncertainty, there are still things businesses can do to future-proof their workplaces, so to find out more about the future workforce check out our Ultimate Guide to the Future, and for 

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