Endless Metals Napier Answer the Question “Can You Recycle Old Whiteware”?


Endless Metals say, “The short answer is yes. We buy these items as scrap and not for resale or reuse By bringing it to us to recycle, you’ll be preventing it from going to landfill as well as saving the fee you would have to pay to tip it. 

You don’t pay to bring your whiteware in like you would at a transfer station – we will actually pay you – granted, it will only be enough for a small cup of coffee as whiteware contains mostly steel (which is a low value metal) and plastic,  but you save the dollars that you would normally pay to a transfer station, so indirectly, that’s dollars in your pocket”.  

Endless Metals take in residential scrap metal and help with appliance and whiteware recycling throughout Wairau, Napier, Onehunga, and the greater Auckland area, so if you are upgrading your household whiteware or electrical appliances, you can take your old whiteware to Endless. Choose Endless and take care of pre-loved items in the most environmentally respectful way. 

Please note: Endless do have a few exceptions. Due to health and safety considerations, they are unable to accept pressurized containers, hazardous, corrosive, explosive, or radioactive items. If you’re still not sure if they can help you recycle your household scrap items, contact them and they will clear things up for you. 

This recycling service is ideal for tradies and the man on the street, who may not know what to do with whiteware, appliances and scrap metal left over after renovations and building jobs,  so for more information on appliance recycling, microwave disposal and metal recycling Napier please go to https://www.endlessmetals.co.nz .


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