Double the Thermal Performance of Your Joinery With Eco Doors & Windows


Summer is really here and looking to be just as hot as any previous year, possibly more so, and Eco Doors & Windows recommend you upgrade to Low Emissive glass with an argon as fill to double the thermal performance of your joinery to enjoy the benefits of double glazing. For their windows, they do double glazing with a total thickness of 24mm. This means there’s an air gap of 16mm on  a standard window: 10mm is the minimum effective gap in any double glazing.  

uPVC double glazing is a superior choice for window frames and doors, offering excellent performance and longevity at an affordable price, as uPVC is a cheaper alternative to the more expensive hardwood and aluminium. Being cost-effective makes uPVC a popular material and is one of the most preferred materials for windows and doors, with its strength, versatility and low maintenance properties, offering many benefits which no material has so far been able to match. 

uPVC has been used in windows and doors since the 1930’s and offers significant benefits over aluminium and timber, and uPVC windows are ideal for helping keep your house warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Combining uPVC’s natural insulating properties with double-glazing means Eco Doors & Windows’ windows achieve thermal insulation levels that far exceed even thermally broken aluminium – and at a very competitive price.  

Being such an effective thermal insulator, uPVC windows and doors make your home more energy-efficient. uPVC is also recycled in Europe, and Eco Doors & Windows’ German supplier utilises recycled uPVC for internal components of their joinery. 

With the market rapidly growing in New Zealand and Australia, in time they expect to see uPVC being recycled locally. 

Finally, for a safer, more secure home, their uPVC windows and doors employ a multi-point locking mechanism. The lock engages at multiple points along the frame, rather than a single point as traditional windows and doors do. The uPVC frame is steel reinforced too, and the double-glazed windows can be laminated, making them  

extremely difficult to break, so for more information on double glazing Wellington, Wellington windows and doors and aluminium windows please go to . 


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