Thursday, January 21, 2021
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Home Location Auckland Fit LTD’s Achieves NZ Made Accreditation in 2020

Fit LTD’s Achieves NZ Made Accreditation in 2020

The team at FIT—a leading New Zealand supplier of kitchen, laundry, and wardrobe systemsare proud to be a Kiwi owned and operated company. In 2020, they took steps to bring production of more of the components of Tanova pull out kitchen bins and pull out laundry hampers to New Zealand, earning them official NZ Made accreditation on select products. 

While the frames and side panels for the Tanova range have always been fabricated and powder coated here in Aotearoa, as have Fit’s steel laundry baskets, the plastic buckets used in Tanova systems have traditionally come from Italy. 

While some do still originate there, Fit is please to announce that production of 20L and 36L buckets, and 36L baskets, has been moved to New Zealand, and these supplies are now fabricated in Christchurch. These buckets are used with the Tanova Designer Series, Tanova Simplex Plus, and Tanova Simplex collections. 

Official New Zealand Made licencing is granted selectively and monitored carefully, and Fit are both proud and delighted to be part of this important programme. 

Within the Tanova laundry range, all Tanova Designer Series models—excluding Designer Series 2—and all Simplex Plus and Simplex models qualified for the seal of approval. 

Fit LTD aims to continue investing in local communities and the New Zealand economy, providing quality products that are, above all, fit for purpose, backed with excellent support. Fit’s home storage and waste systems are perfect for Kiwi homeowners and interior designers alike, both of whom can now enjoy supporting even more NZ Made products.   

To learn more about Fit, the Tanova range, or the other products Fit provides, simply click the following link to visit their website  


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