Sunday, January 17, 2021
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How Your Business Benefits from the Bartercard Community

Barter can be extremely fruitful for any small to medium-sized business looking to acquire new customers or clients. Often, Bartercard members reach new levels of success after successful exchanges turn into cash-paying business clients. What’s more, word-of-mouth referrals from within your barter community can help you broaden your existing customer base, leading to increased sales and increased profit. Plus there are the other benefits of being a member, i.e. earning valuable bPoints through the bRewards program which can be used on everyday items or purchasing property using a trade dollar component so saving you cash.

Barter systems can help increase customer retention by expanding your business’ potential to offer rewards and loyalty schemes. Your Bartercard membership affords you access to the excess inventory of other businesses, generating a win-win scenario for both of you and allowing you to get creative with what you can do to hold on to your best customers and build a relationship of mutual trust and appreciation.

If you are having trouble converting older or excess inventory into revenue, bartering can be just what you need to clear that shelf space. Instead of liquidating excessive inventory at discounted rates, turn them into profitable stock by using the Bartercard network. Trade your excess products in exchange for goods/services. You don’t need to devalue your product, your investment won’t go obsolete, and you get to exchange for something that you would have otherwise paid for in cash.

Now is a good opportunity to focus on saving cash using Bartercard for better business resultsNot only do you attract new customers in the process, but you also increase the profitability of your business, managing stock more effectively and participating in a supportive network of other businesses. What’s more, a healthy barter relationship can serve as a perfect opportunity to turn your bartering members of today into cash paying clients of tomorrow.

Now that you can clearly see how your business will benefit from bartering, note that you need to choose your network carefully to avoid any unwelcome setbacks. Bartercard New Zealand is one of the world’s largest cashless business networking platforms, striving to provide business opportunities to its members, and for more information on increasing profits, customer loyalty strategies and selling old stock please go to


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