Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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Home Location Auckland Healthy Homes NZ’s Property Maintenance Service Meets All Expectations

Healthy Homes NZ’s Property Maintenance Service Meets All Expectations

As the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill has progressed, it has become clear that the needs of the property management industry are expanding. Having created a reputation as a service provider with integrity, dedication and understanding, Healthy Homes NZ found that their clients continued to seek guidance on what would be coming next. As a result, Healthy Homes NZ has evolved into a service to meet every requirement to create a better home to live in, today and into the future. 

To ease the burden for residential property managers, landlords and homeowners Healthy Homes NZ have established a maintenance service that utilises an extensive list of professional and trustworthy tradesmen up and down the country. Their team will provide competitive pricing options and will manage all the tradie arrangements covering a range of services. So whether it’s a heat pump, bathroom fan, blocked gutter, insulation top up or something else, their team will assist by providing a quote. 

On average, rental properties are failing to meet at least three of the standards, which for property managers who are managing 100+ properties, can be a lot of work to oversee, says Healthy Homes NZ chief executive Nathaniel HamiltonThis is where the Healthy Homes NZ team can provide competitive pricing options and manage all the arrangements for a range of services. They provide this service in Auckland, Waikato, Wellington, and Christchurch. 

Healthy Homes NZ say, “No matter whether or not we’ve been the ones to do your healthy homes’ assessment – we can assist and would be happy to provide you with a quote.  

We at Healthy Homes NZ understand the challenging landscape of residential tenancy management and the Healthy Home Regulations”, so for more information on healthy homes compliance certificates, healthy homes maintenance and healthy homes inspections please go to . 


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