Sunday, January 17, 2021
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Summer The Premium Time To Stay at Pacific Rendezvous Resort

There is no better time than February, March and April to visit Pacific Rendezvous Resort on the beautiful Tutukaka Coast for one of the best holidays you will ever experience. There is so much to do in this stunning part of New Zealand, with Pacific Rendezvous Resort being a destination in itself.  

There are so many activities at the Resort, including access to two private beaches, a swimming pool, two hot spa pools, a tennis court, kids’ playground and a games room, and all 30 apartments have amazing sea views.  

The team at Pacific Rendezvous would like to take this opportunity, to thank all their guests who have stayed with them during the previous year, and wish them all a happy and prosperous New Year. They reiterate that it has been a total pleasure to host all their guests over the past year. 

At Pacific Rendezvous they are always striving to improve their product and their service to their visitors, and they express the hope that each time their guests stay at Pacific Rendezvous, they can enjoy the facilities and apartments more and more. 

For anyone who hasn’t  already made summer holiday plans and wishes to stay at Pacific Rendezvous, they should be getting on to this as bookings are filling up fast. Remember, Pacific Rendezvous is unique, in that it not only offers a resort destination in itself, but can also act as a base to explore what has been described by the National Geographic Magazine as “the second most beautiful coast on earth”. 

Enjoy the experience of the above unique features by logging onto the Pacific Rendezvous web-site, and for more information on Tutukaka diveTutukaka marinas and motels near Whangarei please go to . 


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