Thursday, January 21, 2021
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Gourmet Pizzas From Proper Pizza For That Christmas Party

Planning the annual staff Christmas party can take up a lot of time, particularly if you are the one who has this responsibility. However, it doesn’t have to be such a difficult task, especially if you are smart enough to pick up the phone to call Proper Pizza and let them do all the work. Proper Pizza’s gourmet pizzas will ensure you are popular with everyone!

No matter what kind of party you’re planning (and no matter where), pizza is a fantastic ‘go to’. It’s easy to transport, easy to eat, and there’s no clean-up to hinder the festivities. You don’t even need plates to eat it because—as we all know—pizza is best eaten with nothing but two hands and your wits.

There’s always the chance that you weren’t smart enough to have a Proper Pizza party, and you have ordered from another catering firm, only to have them let you down at the last minute. Never fear, Proper Pizza are there to come to the resuce, and can put their delicious creations together quickly (it comes from years of practice), so you can have your guests happily munching on a gourmet pizza in no time.

Proper Pizza will deliver right to your door, or outdoor venue, hot and delicious. When the pizza arrives, you don’t have to do any setup, which makes your job as a party planner even easier. Just find a table, flip open the boxes, lay them out, and let your guests have at it.

Pizza suits all taste buds, so no need to worry about varying tastes, diets, and food sensitivities, Proper Pizza have pizzas for everyone. There’s health pizza, vegan pizza, dairy-free pizza, halal pizza, and all the classics, good old pepperoni to a dairy-free black truffle delight.

Proper’s catering options also include an Antipasto box, Crispy Parmesan Chicken bites and Proper Salads ( garden salad, chicken salad or Parma salad), all available on their website. Call 021445042 for a discount if your order is bigger than $300.

Just enquire online or complete an order and Proper Pizza will call you back to make sure they have everything sorted. For any orders over $200, they will happily deliver the pizza to you for free anywhere in Auckland, and for more information on gourmet pizza Auckland, gluten free pizza Auckland and best pizza in Auckland please go to .


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