Sunday, January 17, 2021
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The wedding experience with Kenny and Harlow

Newly-weds, Vicky and John, happily celebrated their love for each other in a gorgeous Queenstown wedding 

In a dreamy photo of the couple, the lovely bride is adorned in an enchanting custom-made wedding gown from Kenny & Harlow, a designer wedding shop based in Auckland, and the groom is strappingly presented in a beige suit to match 

When Vicky and John first met, it was through mutual acquaintances and only briefly in passing. Little did they know that they were fated to meet again one year later when they bumped into each other at a local supermarket. As chance would have it, they lived in the same area, and only a few minutes away from each other!  

After they went their separate way, Vicky arrived home, only to find a message from John on her phone, asking her out to their local bistro for a drink. Vicky stated that “I knew he was something special very early on.”  

And it must have been true because seven years later, Vicky and John married and couldn’t be happier. When asked about their engagement story, Vicky revealed “Our engagement still blows my mind.” What started as a surprise weekend getaway to Sydney, turned into a clifftop proposal that looked out over Freshwater Bay, and “with a ring John had been designing for 6 months prior.”  

The incredible wedding that followed was a dream for Vicky. When asked what advice she would give to future brides-to-be, she said It can be easy to get swept up in the planning of it all… but at the end of the day it’s about celebrating your love – don’t lose sight of that.”  

Having her wedding gown designed by the professional seamstresses at Kenny and Harlow was a decision Vicky will never regret, “My dress was simple, elegant, and just perfect. I would put it on every day if I could.”  

With guidance and advice from the team at Kenny and Harlow, creating the perfect dress was the least of her worries. The silken sophisticated gown was a delight to wear and the long veil that flowed with the dress train added that extra magical touch.   

Kenny and Harlow’s dresses are made of only the highest quality fabrics and materials, designed to perfection under the skilled care of their experienced seamstresses.  

So, if you’re looking for a beautiful wedding dress that fits your figure flawlessly, explore Kenny and Harlow’s Ivy collection and Grace collection for more 

As a New Zealand bridal boutique based in Auckland, they offer incredible services to brides throughout the country. Contact them today to book a consultation and start planning your perfect dress today. You can visit them online at 


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