Good Electrical See Surge in Renovations Post COVID-19 Lockdown

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It would appear that while we were cocooned at home during the COVID-19 lockdown, we had more time to observe what was going on in the house, with many people deciding they needed to do a home renovation, complete with electrical work. One top of that, as we are not travelling overseas for our winter holiday, we have a lot more money available, plus the fact that interest rates are at an all time low.

Similarly, more people are requesting to style and maximise their outdoor areas and balconies as they were spending a lot of time there while the country was in Levels 4 and 3. Also, DIY projects will become even easier for homeowners as the government scraps consents for low-risk building work single-storey detached buildings up to 30 sq. meters.

Kiwis who are doing renovations themselves now have a newly released government course to guide them through the process. The Ministry of Business and Innovation Employment released online learning modules for DIY lovers to better understand the Building Code.

Good Electrical are there to help with all your renovation electrical work, and have some good tips about when to get in the electrician, which is at the prewire stage. The prewire stage is when cables or ground wires are installed under floors, through walls and across ceilings. It is best done without carpet or furniture, so that the floorboards can be lifted, and the ceiling cut into.

New switches and points need to be repositioned to meet current legal requirements, which could mean that your walls need to be patched. Therefore, it’s important to plan where everything is going in each room before starting the prewire stage to come out with the best possible result.

Avoid additions or major changes midway through! When house wiring, these spontaneous changes are costly and time-consuming. One way to avoid them is drawing a plan of your home on graph paper and marking out the rooms with the positions of beds, sofas, kitchen units and so on. You can then consider the lighting and placement of switches and power points. Little things like under-cabinet and bedside lighting are easy to do when planned from the start, but costly to undertake later if they’ve been left out of the plans.

So, get going with your renovations and don’t forget to give Good Electrical a call before the prewire stage, and for more information on electrical repairs Auckland, indoor lighting Auckland and house electrical wiring please go to .


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