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Crown Institute of Studies is renowned for its hospitality and travel & tourism courses. Students can gain a New Zealand Certificate in Tourism Level 3 and move up to a New Zealand Certificate in Travel Level 4, finally earning a New Zealand Diploma in Tourism & Travel should they want to pursue a diploma-level programme. 

Crown’s tourism and travel courses are designed to equip students with transferrable skills and problem-solving abilities that can be applied across multiple industries. Students are immersed in a variety of campus seminars, offsite industry visits, and real-world experience, affording students valuable, relevant knowledge of industry operations and market changes. 

Apart from catering to international students who are keen to pursue careers in the travel industry, Crown also offers comprehensive business courses in Auckland, providing opportunities for students to become great Kiwi entrepreneurs. 

Students who want to start businesses or become second in charge of a small business can benefit from Crown’s business course. In the span of 20 weeks, students will learn the fundamentals of small business in New Zealand. They will learn how to identify business opportunities, assess viability, and maximise a business’s potential. The short course will also tackle the laws governing small businesses in New Zealand. 

The programme consists of four modules: Business opportunities in NZ, Small Business Planning, Professionalism & Ethics, and Business Communication & Problem-solving. The programme is uniquely designed for people with minimal to no prior experience in Business. Students who complete the 20-week course will obtain a Crown Certificate in Business Level 3. 

All Crown programmes entail course trips that allow students to visit relevant sites and destinations. These educational visits permit students to interact with professionals in the industry and observe the challenges within a real work environment.  

To learn more about Crown’s courses, eligibility, and course dates, visit the Crown Institute of Studies website:  


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