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Retrofit Double Glazing

You would have to have been living under a rock, if you haven’t heard by now, of MAGICSEAL and their Retrofit Double-Glazing solutions. MagicSeal International Ltd and the Parent company MagicSeal NZ Ltd, form a highly innovative group of global companies, that market and design MagicSeal’s unique, RetroFit Secondary Acrylic Double Glazing, Magnetic Insect Screens and Pleated Door options; for wide door spaces. 

Their leading innovation, and market driven products have revolutionised the Magnetic Insect Screen and Retrofit Secondary Double-Glazing Market World Wide. MagicSeal was the ORIGINAL worldwide Designer of the Magnetic Insect Screen in the current form as sold by MagicSeal, in New Zealand and other World Countries, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, India and Mexico. All OTHERS are copies of MagicSeal’s technology. 

MagicSeal was established in New Zealand in 1989, where this unique screening solution was invented and developed, and continue to operate their Head Office and manufacturing facilities in Christchurch, New Zealand. MagicSeal products have Design Patents; Trade Marks and are BRANZ® and WERS® appraised. Through the support of MagicSeal agents and customers World-Wide who appreciate the quality and simplicity of the products, MagicSeal has expanded its market share and become a World market leader of Magnetic Insect screens  and Retrofit Double Glazing. 

The company continues to design and develop new and improved quality products for your home, office and business, and their mission is to, “Improve the quality of life for people by providing high quality tested products that help to:-  Create a better place to work and live. We provide a non-chemical solution against insects, and the thermal and acoustic insulation with ourRetrofit Double Glazing. 

Their sole intention and promise is to create any living/working space that utilises their products, a “Better place to live”, so for more information on retractable screen doors Auckland, magnetic insect screens and retrofit double glazing please go to . 


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