The Wardrobe Company Provides that Extra Comfort & Convenience Within Your Home


The onset of winter this year, hot on the heels of the Covid-19 lockdown period,  brings fresh challenges and a need to look within ones home for comfort and entertainment. 

Those who may be accustomed to a mid-winter escape to warmer climes are forced to take a different approach in light of current border restrictions so their focus has turned to adding extra comfort and convenience within their home. 

During the lockdown period and over subsequent weeks, the team at The Wardrobe Company ( has been busy designing, manufacturing, and installing their superior wardrobe systems for clients who spent that time de-cluttering and realising it was time to get things in order with a custom-designed wardrobe. 

There has also been strong demand for The Wardrobe Company’s home office fit-outs following a move for significantly more people to carry out at least some of their work from home. In addition to all of this, enquiry is now coming in for bespoke storage units for their clients’ living spaces and media rooms – entertainment units for the  television, hi-fi equipment, and gaming consoles being in-demand items. 

Many clients are also re-acquainting themselves with books, and again The Wardrobe Company has the experience and expertise to design and make something for any situation to store and display books, sculptures, and collectibles. 

When you call in the experts at The Wardrobe Company you’re receiving the benefit of experience and skill, spanning almost three decades from a company which continues to be at the forefront of new trends and design ideas. 

So, if you want to get your house in order, call 0800 CLOSET to get the ball rolling, and for more information on wardrobe sliding doors, wardrobe organisers NZ and storage solutions NZ please go to . 


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