How to Sleep Better and Start Your Morning Right

A woman is sound asleep on her comfortable bed after learning some new tips on how to sleep better at night.

How to Sleep Better and Start Your Morning Right

There’s nothing more valuable than a full, restful sleep. For so many reasons, sleep is priceless; it’s a vital part of your health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, not everyone gets a good night’s sleep! If you’re one of those poor souls deprived of sleep, this article will introduce you to some tips that explain how to sleep better and help you face your mornings refreshed and revitalised. 

Proven Tips for Better Sleep 

You don’t have to worry about tossing and turning all night anymore. Just follow the proven tips for better sleep below. 


Reboot Your Body’s Internal Clock

You can optimise your body’s natural sleep cycle by scheduling your bedtime better. Set a fixed time to go to sleep and to wake up. This will help your body get used to the cycle. Having a regular sleep cycle is important for teaching your body when to feel tired at night!  

It’s best to sleep when you feel most exhausted, especially on weekdays, so if you feel tired, don’t power through it and stay up late. On weekends, avoid sleeping in. Deviating from your normal sleep schedule can have a serious impact on your circadian rhythm, especially if your body is already used to your sleep schedule. 


Understand the Effects of Light Exposure to Sleep Quality

Do you have large windows in your bedroom? How many hours do you spend looking at your computer or phone before bedtime? Exposure to light (especially the blue light created by digital screens) greatly affects the quality of sleep that you get at night.  

In fact, darkness is one of the biggest signals that our brain needs to release hormones and chemicals that make us tired. This is why you might have trouble getting back to sleep if you use the bathroom in the middle of the night and flick on the light to see where you’re going.  

If you need a nap during the day, you can use block-out curtains or blinds to make sure that your room is completely dark. At night, avoid bright screens for at least one to two hours before sleeping.  

On the other hand, you should expose yourself to sunlight to help you wake up in the morning and face the day feeling invigorated. 


Avoid Caffeine-Rich Food and Drinks

Everybody knows that coffee contains caffeine that will keep you awake. Technically, caffeine doesn’t give you energy, it just deadens your sense of tiredness, so you can’t really feel how tired you actually are anymore!  

Most people don’t know that there are also many other foods and drinks to avoid if you want to have a restful sleep. Alcohol, for example, can be relaxing, but it can interfere with your sleep cycle. Drinking too much water right before bed can cause frequent trips to the bathroom. Finally, chocolates (especially dark chocolates) are rich in caffeine, just like coffee, so you should avoid it before bedtime. 


Face the Day on a Full Night’s Sleep

There you have it, three easy and proven ways to get better sleep every day. Try them tonight to see what a difference they can make!


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