Unovent’s Parent Company Reports Significant Revenue Increase


Unovent’s parent company, Just Life Group has released its Annual Report to the NZX. Just Life Group is a public company listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange, and the directors are very pleased to report a revenue increase of 7% to $32.2 million and a profit after tax increase of 13% to $3.3 million. 

Unovent is an innovative ductless home ventilation technology, designed by a Kiwi for New Zealand homes and conditions, making healthy, dry air possible for everyone, and the system is so simple that you can start to create a healthier home today. Each unit comes complete with its own individual fan so you get consistent air flow in every room where you have Unovent installed.  

Air flow is not dependent on ducting length as it is with standard home ventilation systems, and Unovent’s low-cost single unit engineering has removed the need for the expensive and unnecessary complexity associated with conventional systems, making it simple and easy to install. 

For many New Zealanders our homes face cold and damp conditions when winter sets in, so whether you’re building new or wanting to protect an existing home, it’s important to consider ways to a healthier drier home. By ventilating your home you can combat a variety of issues that the winter months bring, including issues with airtightness in new homes. 

Unovent is Just Life Group’s own patented product, and is considered a disruptor in the  established home ventilation market , as it is less expensive with no ducting required. It is also much cheaper to run; about $1 a month for an average home.  

Whether you are looking for a bathroom extractor fan or want an entire home air ventilation system, Unovent can tailor a solution to fit your needs and budget. Unovent has the longest warranty for a home ventilation system in New Zealand, and for more information on roof ventilation please go to . 


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