Just Water Proves to Be the Star of Just Life Group

just water star of just life group

Just Life Group is a public company listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange, and is the parent company of Just Water. They have recently released their Annual Report to the NZX, and the directors were pleased to report a revenue increase of 7% to $32.2 million and a profit after tax increase of 13% to $3.3 million.

The Report to the NZX reiterated that Just Water has been the leading brand of water coolers, and have been placing water coolers in offices and homes throughout New Zealand for 32 years. The Chief Executive, Tony Falkenstein, said, “Just Water was a star of Just Life Group, being the original service the company offered when it began in business”. 

In March 2019 the board of Just Water International Limited announced to the New Zealand Stock Exchange that they changed their name to Just Life Group Limited, with Just Water keeping its name, as a division of Just Life Group. This reflects both their own growth, and intention to continue growing, to become a major force in the New Zealand market. 

The reason for the change in corporate name was that with the acquisition of Hometech, they are not just a water company, but also a business that “enhances lives”, whether through encouraging the drinking of water or through providing products for healthy homes. 

Chief Executive of Just Water International Limited, Tony Falkenstein ONZM says, “I feel honoured to be Chief Executive of the total group and wish to take this opportunity to thank you all”. 

With the global trend towards drinking safe water, and Just Water’s drive towards eliminating sugary drinks, we can rest assured that this company will continue with their exponential rise in the clean water industry, so with this in mind, please take a moment to find out more about water coolers by visiting the website at www.justwater.co.nz . 


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