Start 2021 with a Clean Slate Thanks to TIMG’s E-Waste Services

e waste disposal

The Information management company TIMG is encouraging New Zealand businesses to take advantage of their quality e-Waste disposal services as they prepare to dispose of decommissioned computers, media, or digital storage equipment. TIMG’s services for e-Waste don’t just use software to wipe data; TIMG physically destroys it with shedding machinery. There are optional services available also to back-up data before destruction.

Optional services to back-up data include backing up data to secure cloud-hosted platforms prior to destruction and backing up data to tapes to put in secure storage. Decommissioned or obsolete storage devices may still contain sensitive data that could find its way into the wrong hands. That’s why thorough, effective e-Waste disposal services from TIMG ensure the ongoing compliance and security of business data. This is important for a lot of companies as one gigabyte of hard drive space can hold the same amount of sensitive information as 400 archive boxes.

As the only New Zealand members of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) to hold AAA accreditation in secure information destruction, TIMG is the most trustworthy choice to destroy documents and media, including paper, micro-media, and physical hard drives, with compliance to NAID AAA standards. NAID is an international trade association for companies providing information destruction services. NAID’s AAA certification program means members are audited and there are written policies and procedures to ensure companies meet a standard. NAID operates a robust scheduled audit scheme complimented by random and unannounced audits.

TIMG’s experienced IT professionals conduct a comprehensive assessment of their clients’ e-waste disposal needs to ensure that all specific details are met. Then, a full business proposal is provided, outlining recommended solutions and relevant features that have been tailored specifically to each client’s needs. Clients are invited to tour TIMG’s secure facilities before agreeing to any services. Finally, relevant terms of service and KPIs are provided, along with necessary contact information for both parties before e-waste collection and destruction begins.

Additionally, organisations can book secure destruction bins and have them delivered to their business premises for the safe removal and destruction of decommissioned e-waste. This ensures that no recycled IT equipment will contain discarded business data.

TIMG is working hard to transform how New Zealand businesses manage their information. They’ve worked with many businesses to transform their data into a valuable business asset.

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