For TIMG, New Year the Perfect Time for a Records Compliance Review

records management process

Organisations are responsible for their clients’ data and accountable to the New Zealand Government’s compliance standards. A regularly scheduled review of an organisation’s information management policies and practices is key to ensure successful compliance. That’s why The Information Management Group helps clients ensure compliant records management processes. 

TIMG understands that a comprehensive records management policy will include a thoroughly implemented, organisation-wide strategy. Information should be secure and thoughtfully managed, with monitoring and audit processes in place and retention requirements established. 

A robust strategy to achieve information management compliance dramatically decreases the level of risk. However, these practices must be updated regularly to account for rapidly evolving data formats and storage technologies. As these policies change, new standards and practices must also be effectively communicated to the rest of the organisation TIMG has a well-established robust records management process, which is why they are highly regarded and trusted. 

Recently, New Zealand’s Privacy Act was updated. It came into force on December 1st, 2020, replacing the 1993 Privacy Act. The new version has stronger data privacy, higher fines, and new data breach requirements. TIMG staff were all clearly informed that there was a new New Zealand Privacy Act in 2020. The legislation was fully looked over and there was, as always, a review to see all changes to the legislation were being met. The Privacy Act 2020 is very important to records management processes. Clients now legally must be informed about what data is held about them, where, and who holds that data. 

TIMG is well equipped to assist businesses and other organisations with these reviews. Their intimate knowledge of information management compliance has already helped countless New Zealand organisations achieve greater security and accessibility. 

TIMG abides by the Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles®, a globally accepted standard for information governance best practices published by ARMA International. TIMG’s commitment to all these principles—accountability, transparency, integrity, protection, compliance, availability, retention, and disposition—lies at the heart of everything they do. 

With ten branches nationwide employing an experienced team of over 250 information management professionals, TIMG delivers leading value to their clients through a helpful suite of digital records management solutions, designed with compliance in mind. All TIMG’s clients enjoy an agile, accessible, and innovation-oriented partnership. 

To learn more about TIMG’s compliant record management processes, click here:  


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