New Zealand Fine Prints Tapping into NZ Art Trends

A Collage of iconic artworks available at New Zealand Fine Prints
A Collage of iconic artworks available at New Zealand Fine Prints

New Zealand Fine Prints collection of bestselling works highlight popular themes permeating the NZ art scene today.  

Market research shows that many kiwis are searching for and buying artworks inspired by New Zealand designs, depicting the culture and landscape of Aotearoa.  

While the New Zealand art world is thriving with creative diversity, three main themes stand out among the range of bestselling works. Native animal posterslandscapes and botanicals, and Maori poster designs are popularly used and are in high demand within the community. 

New Zealand Fine Prints’ wide collection features highly popular prints by well-known artists such as Rita Angus, Diana Adams, and Dick Frizzell.  

Rita Angus’ stunning artworks showcasing the New Zealand landscape in classic beauty with a focus on the mountain ranges, ocean vibes, and suburban landscape. Each artwork shows an element of NZ culture. The eyes are drawn toward the rolling mountainous background and sky, yet brought to earth within the serene, still setting 

The contemporary artworks by Diana Adams in comparison feature detailed landscapes, drawing the eye toward iconic landmarks such as Rangitoto island and feature native botanicals like the Pohutukawa flower and the koru. The depth of colour and perspective captures Aotearoa at its purest.  

Leader in the genre of Kiwiana iconography, Dick Frizzell inspires many contemporary artists nowadays with his expressionist style typography and iconic fine art prints. Famous for his Four Square Man interpretations which heavily blur the lines between branding and artistic flair, his other works are equally as evocative and inspiring.  

Bestselling works by Dick Frizzell include his humorously designed Mickey to Tiki print which morphs Mickey Mouse into the tiki, a New Zealand design icon. Other iconic pieces within his collection include The Kia Kaha Kid performing the haka, and The Answer (Meaning of Life), which showcases his personal philosophy in iconic paint-stroke letterforms 

These bestselling works are perennially popular and make for the perfect Kiwiana gifts for kiwis living anywhere in the world. Kiwiana celebrates the unique icons of everyday New Zealand life, and the excellent artworks by Rita Angus, Diana Adams, and Dick Frizzell showcase the genre at its finest.  

Explore New Zealand Fine Prints online for more high-quality, unique, and expressionist Kiwiana artworks including native botanical posters, Maori posters, and more. 

View their wide range of bestselling works online at 


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