Thursday, January 21, 2021
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Supply is Low/Demand is High Posits Ilse Evans

For anyone thinking about selling today, these are prime conditions, with the supply of saleable properties at an all-time low says Harcourt’s Ilse Evans. Correspondingly, demand is high and good properties are selling like hot cakes. This is especially so if you are divesting or moving out of town and are not looking to buy another property in your area.

Residential auction activity was remarkably solid in June after the turmoil of the lockdown-affected months of April and May. monitored 806 property auctions over the four weeks from 1-28 June, which was up 32% compared to the 609 auctions monitored in the equivalent four week period of last year (3-30 June 2019).

Although the number of properties being brought to auction this year was higher, the sales rate was similar to last year. REINZ report recent sales figures show confidence is returning to New Zealand’s housing market, with the number of properties sold in May increasing throughout the month, and listings showed solid signs of returning to more normal levels.

In any market, results speak when talking to the number one agent of Harcourts Takapuna/Hauraki. Ilse provides a level of customer service second to none, and personally presents to all your open homes. She will do all the follow-up and buyer engagement and is totally focused on tracking all the details of your sale.

Ilse understands that people are time poor, so her processes are user-friendly and deliver results, and for more information on selling my house, Harcourts agents Takapuna and property valuations Belmont please go to .


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