Kick-start your Career with Crown’s Exceptional Certificate & Diploma Courses in Auckland

Professional staff standing in front of the Crown Institute of Studies

Renowned for its stateoftheart short courses and teaching facilities, the Crown Institute of Studies offers certificate programmes for students looking to get ahead and advance in their careers 

Their level 3-5 travel and tourism courses and level 3 business courses in Auckland have been developed to be comprehensive and well-rounded. They are the perfect gateway programmes for students looking to gain creditable qualifications and skills that are transferable across multiple industries 

Students studying business with Crown will learn not only how to recognise business opportunities and formulate plans, they will also learn how to work with others to maximise their business’s potential and make their dreams become a reality. 

For those interested in Crown’s level 3 New Zealand Certificate in Business, this programme lasts for 20 weeks, with 20 hours dedicated to study per week. This is a great programme to invest in because it teaches students the fundamentals of small business in New Zealand.  

Crown’s level 3, 4, and 5 Travel and Tourism certificate programmes are perfect for those wanting to broaden their horizons and work around the world. Crown graduates learn incredible skills such as communications and problemsolving skills that are transferable across multiple industries.  

The inside knowledge and transferable skills students gain from Crowns level 5 diploma in Travel and Tourism primes them to be future leaders of the industry and opens them up to a world of opportunity 

If you’re interested in a career in business management or travel and tourism, don’t wait – apply with Crown now! Intakes for students are held every 5 weeks, and all courses through Crown are eligible for Fees Free Study 

Explore Crown online and learn more about the Fees Free requirements and what courses they have on offer. For more on Crown’s travel and tourism courses, visit Crown at 


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